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My Wheels
Some days I feel like a rotten old car
Nothing fancy but I'll still take you far
My cushions are lumpy, but who cares how they feel
The only thing you like about me is my wheels
The new car smell is all but gone.
There's hardly springs for the frame to sit upon
The tires are worn, if you hit the gas they squeal
The only thing you like about me is my wheels
I'm speckled brown with rust, a custom paint job
The only thing that's missing is a gear shift knob
You could say I have a sentimental appeal
But the only thing you like about me is my wheels
When you get the money
You'll get wheels of your own honey
And pick up every floozy on the street
I'll be left to rust away
Coughing all the dust away
Torn by the requirements I don't meet
Some days I feel like a rotten old car
Nothing fancy but I'll still take you far
My cushions are lumpy, but who cares how they feel
The only thing you like about me is my wheels
:iconm4ttintheh4t:M4ttintheH4t 1 0
Knick Knacks- LionHeart
Knick Knacks
by Lion<3, for a dear old friend
Talking to you is dusting a shelf of knick knacks,
Memories of different times, emotions mix with facts.
You were an obsession, what I feel for you whispers over my shoulder.
Snow falls in globes in the heat of this summer air.
Seeing your face in a shelf full of knick knacks;
Things are different, time has etched it with fresh cracks.
The foolish things hide just below the surface, but we’re older.
Everything still points to the reasons why I care.
The friends we lost shattered like broken knick knacks,
But your kindness sits right where it always was.
I had to leave you there, it was the warmest wound on my heart;
An alien emotion much to hard to swallow.
A beach on the shore made of sand and broken knick knacks.
I would’ve done the same not minutes before because
We’re good people & I was drunk and torn apart.
Anything is better than hiding from the world to wallow.
Memories of worse times sit in a glass case full of
:iconm4ttintheh4t:M4ttintheH4t 2 0
Warrior Bond- WetWet Fruit Ch6
*Nakama- friend(s), family, crewmate(s); in One Piece(unofficially, but to many fans), this word has deeper connotations, as to say
"family closer than blood, beloved friends"

You say / you're not gonna fight / 'cause no one will fight for you
And you think / there's not enough love / and no one to give it to
And you're sure / you've hurt for so long / you've got nothing left to lose
So you say / you're not gonna fight / 'cause no one will fight for you

    "Took you long enough," said Zoro. You handed him the glass and sat on the step beside him.
    "You're welcome."
    "Thanks, (Name)."
    "Sure thing, Zoro." Ugh, nice things. Zoro chugged half the glass, wiped his mouth with a swipe of his wrist and looked at you. His silver eyes sent out a piercing gaze under his angled brow.
    "Don't stress being nice if you don't want to." Am I really that transpar
:iconm4ttintheh4t:M4ttintheH4t 2 5
Trust- WetWet Fruit Ch5
    You opened your eyes. The radio snail was softly playing static in front of you. The yellow glow from the tuning knob was the only light you could see. Pouring rain pattered on the roof tiles.
    The rest of the living room lie in shadows. The radio, the couch, the floor in between, and Zoro's snoring face were the only things making themselves known. Zoro's arm twitched as it sat on your shoulder. Warmth radiated from him, a blanket in the cold house. 
    The radio was catching bits of different broadcasts, voices and songs mixing and mingling just beyond a crackling veil of interference.
    One voice rose above the others, repeating a fuzzy phrase. Every time you heard it, it got clearer. Then your insides turned to ice.
    "...Kill him... ...Kill him..." You looked at the sleeping swordsman. 
    "...Kill him..." It would be so easy. 
    "...Kill him... Didn't you h
:iconm4ttintheh4t:M4ttintheH4t 4 6
Chasing Shadows
Down the alley, a splicer
Shooting up, could be nicer.
I walk on by
Won't waste my time
Chasing Shadows
Mind wanders like a dog
With hunger like a hog
Both mad and rabid
Armed for a stabbin'
Chasing Shadows
She sings Amazing Grace
A smile on her face
Losing it
At her own pace
Above you on the roof
Or behind you- Poof!
Houdini's tricks
How they get their kicks
(You'll be) Chasing Shadows
A morgue doesn't mean they're dead
One bullet for each head
Keep your eyes peeled
They know I squealed
(We'll be) Chasing Shadows
[One stanza break]
Don't believe a thing you see
Between you and me
The rules have ceased to be!

Lyrics written by me.
Original song: "Chasing Shadows" by Django Reinhardt, Stephane Grappelli
:iconm4ttintheh4t:M4ttintheH4t 0 0
Knowledge of Felix- WetWet Fruit Ch4

    "Some big guys in blue suits went in earlier, claiming this was their house," said the former pirate hunter. "They didn't let me in, but said I could stay on the porch."
    The Iceboat Gang. They're after my books again. You pushed your glasses in place.
    "They aren't leaving my house alive," you informed him. Your forearm shaped into your Wet Wet Whip, coiling like churning waves in front of you. Zoro smirked, straightened his hat and put the white handle of a katana in his mouth.
    "That's all I need to know," grumbled Roronoa Zoro. "Come on, I'll help you take care of them."
I'm mad about the boy
And I know it's stupid to be mad
about the boy
I'm so ashamed of it but must admit the sleepless nights I've had
About the boy
On the silver screen
He melts my foolish heart in every single scene
Although I'm quite aware that here and there are traces of the cad
About the boy

:iconm4ttintheh4t:M4ttintheH4t 4 3
Sun-Shiney Day(Come Back)
    "Nami!! Are we there yet?? Luffy yells from his perch on the goat figurehead. The Going Merry is sailing smoothly through the Grand Line, between islands for now. The weather from the summer island still engulfs the boat in mild heat. Not too hot, but enough to make everyone on board miss the beach they left behind. Hot enough that any real work is simply out of the question for most of this pirate crew. Chopper(the adorable reindeer) and Usopp(the liar) are fishing, slouching in the heat. Sanji is in the shade of the kitchen, cooking something delicious that's wafting out the open door. Nami watches the horizon from the crow's nest, and your boyfriend Zoro is working out with ridiculously large weights somewhere. He said something about training himself to deal with heat about an hour ago. Nami yells down to Luffy, "Luffy, I told you ten minutes ago, we're still days away from the next island." They continue to argue back and forth for a while, but you tuned th
:iconm4ttintheh4t:M4ttintheH4t 1 2
Croony Moony's- WetWet Fruit Ch3
    "Welcome to Croony Moony, the finest club and restaurant in Marloweville! Step right in ma'am, may I take your umbrella and coat?" The woman flashed a million berry smile at the prim and proper doorman. His spotless red vest matched the colorful interior enough to make one squint. Cigar smoke drifted out the open door. You stood outside in the pattering rain. A cartoon moon in a slinky dress winked at you from the sign over the entrance. This woman is the fourth in line laying it on thick with the ignorant doorman. 
    "Why, thank you kind sir." She slipped off her dripping coat casually, captivating the unprofessional ogling of the doorman. Arms crossed themselves over your chest. Your finger beat itself against your arm. 
    This is taking forever; the line was full of chicks like this. I don't even mind standing in the rain, and I'm annoyed! Vito's been waiting for fifteen minutes now. The woman playfully adjus
:iconm4ttintheh4t:M4ttintheH4t 5 0
Mature content
The Family's All Here :iconm4ttintheh4t:M4ttintheH4t 0 0
Merely Players- Zoro x Reader(High School)
    You read the scene one more time in your head, trying to get the words and feelings to stick. It was after school, and your Theatre class was working on building the set for the production. You sat on a bench made for the scene you were reading, alone on the stage. The class had left with you here to practice on your own.
    A week ago, you got a major part in a play! Your first big break at Grand Line High! You were so excited; this is the first time you've had a part with more than one scene, even a whole page worth! It all seems too good to be true, but what you didn't know is that your character has a kissing scene... 
    Nothing crazy, just a cute first kiss moment on a park bench. Standard stuff. Any real actor should have no trouble with this. You're a pretty good player, better at improvisation because you don't have to remember lines. Your quick wit got a lot of laughs. The problem you can't explain to your director/teacher and sce
:iconm4ttintheh4t:M4ttintheH4t 15 1
Plasmid Blues, Requiem
    Haunting green light dances with the dust in the air of the Kashmir Restaurant. An empty stage awaits a band to fill it, the dance floor longs for the pattering of feet upon it. Saltwater trickles with anticipation, puddles rise in the dirty, bloodstained carpet. A cadaver in a stained dress stared at the bar, its thirst unquenched for as long as the restaurant remains empty. 
    On the stage, a microphone stands alone by a puddle of blood. Not far from there, a bass guitar lies forgotten by its case, several bullet holes marring its shining black paint.
    In the distance, the wailing of a worried Big Daddy echoed through the corridors. His pounding boots shook the abandoned restaurant. 
    A filthy child with glowing yellow eyes and an odd pallor skipped gleefully down the stairs to the dance floor.
    "Mr. Bubbles, I smell ADAM!!" she squealed, racing up to the stage. A winded Big Daddy made his w
:iconm4ttintheh4t:M4ttintheH4t 2 0
Back Home- WetWet Fruit Ch2 RD
    /    /    /        /    /    /       The pigs are the snootiest    /    /    /        /    /    /    

    /    /    /        /    /    /    The owls are the hootiest    /    /    /        /    /    /    

    /    /    /        /    /    /    The plants the fruitiest    /    /    /        /    /    /    

    /    /  
:iconm4ttintheh4t:M4ttintheH4t 3 0
Bioshock (Jack's Story Ch3)- Memories of Before
    I was surrounded by darkness, drifting through it.
    A projector clicked to life, highlighting dust particles flying around with me. The sound of someone putting a record on a phonograph, and the pop of the diamond needle touching rotating vinyl. The phonograph appeared in front of me, playing something, but it was just out of my range of hearing. I drifted closer, an oddly familiar tune tickling my memory. It's an anthem. I could just make out the words.
    "... Rapture, rise! We turn our hope up to the skies!..."
    The clicking slowed and everything wound down to a droning halt
    My heavy eyelids opened for a moment, consciousness temporarily within my grasp. The room was sideways, the red stone in the floor beneath my head.
    I could see a pair of legs in grimy slacks, and another pair walking up to me. Distorted voices wound their way through the long path from my ear canal to my brain. It all seemed so distan
:iconm4ttintheh4t:M4ttintheH4t 1 0
Where Money Takes Me- WetWet Fruit Reader Ch1 RD
*For clarification, this takes place after Skypia. CP9 doesn't know where Robin is yet.*
    The cold bite of winter blows through the open window in the hotel bathroom. You deftly lift yourself four floors up with a watery rope made of your arm. Checking the small room to find no one in it, you lower your hood and look in the mirror. Your light blonde hair dangled from an uneven center part, covering your ears and hiding most of your glasses. The world around you is clear enough without them, but as an assassin working for anyone who could afford it, you had to be on the lookout at all times.
    Damn, you thought to yourself. That strap that keeps my glasses on is making them cut into my nose. Better stash it in my jacket. Seeing specks in your vision, you wiped the lenses clean with a kerchief. Looking down, the emblem on your coat glowed brightly, despite years of losing color.
    My old crew's J
:iconm4ttintheh4t:M4ttintheH4t 7 8
Mature content
Blizzard Sea - Zoro(Lemon) x reader Part 1 :iconm4ttintheh4t:M4ttintheH4t 29 10
Shadow of my Shadow
It follows me wherever I go,
Through mental sunshine storm or snow.
It leers at me in mirrors;
A summation of all my fears.
It hides in every smile,
It grows daily by the pile.
I hope for a friend to keep it at bay.
All who see it ignore me anyway.
It is the shadow of my shadow,
It will return when I'm on the ground.
I jump as high as I can go,
It still follows without a sound.
A single thought that claims relief
I protest, for its form is grief.
Although it has always been a part of me,
Only visible to those who truly see:
Those who can see what lies beyond the mirror,
those who can see expression in my gait,
those that hear beauty where others hate,
those who truly do not discriminate.
They are the ones that hold the key,
But they do not give it out,
You see?
:iconm4ttintheh4t:M4ttintheH4t 0 0
My main focus right now is the Wet Wet Fruit insert, a noir tale about an assassin that falls in love with their target, Zoro. I've decided to put off novelizing bioshock until i'm a better writer. In the word of Brigid Tenenbaum, if i'm going to do such things i should at least do them properly.
Otherwise, you can expect Zoro inserts, Daryl(Dixon) inserts in the form of my Angel n Sunshine series, random Bioshock Stuff, poetry/lyrics and pixel art.
FAIR WARNING: I have lots of ideas and not much focus. Lots of stories banging around :P Like how I'm on a Lost kick right now, I kinda wanna write cerebral creepy things and Charlie readers. But now I'm on a Twilight Zone kick so twist endings!!

Random Favourites

Mature content
Zoro x Reader: His Weakness :iconthequietg1rl:TheQuietG1rl 83 18
Gajeel Fanart by kisi86 Gajeel Fanart :iconkisi86:kisi86 83 11
Why is rape so prevalent in yaoi manga?
Hi. This isn't anything terribly important. I'm just venting after spending an hour trying to find a decent yaoi to read....
Seriously...I'm sure it's been stated many times, but 90% of all yaoi manga seems to include rape or some manner of non-consensual sex. It baffles me. Not so much that the subject matter exists, but that it's so prevalent. I understand that sometimes reading stories about morbid things can be fascinating, and I understand that for some, there is a certain fetishistic aspect to the concept of non-consensual sex.'s like the entire genre of manga just threw all kind of reason or realism out the window. Admittedly, yaoi manga has always been a little out-there, but I'm to a point where I want to bash my head up against a wall sometimes.
In real life, if someone is making a move on someone else, and that person says "no," "wait," or "stop" in any manner of seriousness, that person will stop. Even if they "secretly want it," they're clearly not prepared for wh
:iconninjazl0l:NINJAZL0L 14 27
Why I Write by PhineasJamesVinci Why I Write :iconphineasjamesvinci:PhineasJamesVinci 10 38 Ace X Sabo by HumanoidHaku Ace X Sabo :iconhumanoidhaku:HumanoidHaku 60 18
Bread [Reader x Law]
The crew looked at him.
"Tra-guy, why don't you like bread?" asked Luffy.
Law shuddered at the memory.
"Get away!" you yelled, throwing an apple at Law.
"The hell was that for?" asked Law.
"An apple a day keeps the doctor away," you informed.
Law sighed.
"You need your flu shot, [Name]," he shook his head, holding up the needle.
"DON'T TOUCH ME WITH THAT THING!" you shouted, running to the galley.
You flipped a table over and hid behind it. You heard Law sigh, yet again, while walking into the room. You peered over the table and saw Law staring at your makeshift fort.
"It'll be quick, only a few seconds."
"No!" you whined.
Law walked towards you with the needle in hand. You screamed and grabbed a loaf of bread that the cook had just baked and threw it at Law.
Law's eyes widened at the sudden attack. Then you grabbed a baguette and started whacking him with it.
"O-Oi! What are you doing, woman?!" he screamed.
"I don't want a shot!" you said, still beatin
:iconcandyderp:candyderp 491 80
Law X Reader: Party Pooper
“I can’t believe I actually decided to form an alliance with this moron.” Law sighed, leaning up against the main mast of the Thousand Sunny, pulling his hat down past his eyes with a noticeable frown on his face.
You, who had come with Law onto the ship, were completely enjoying yourself in the bouncy and joyful environment, next to him sulking in the corner of course. And Caesar. He was on the other end of the ship up against a wall sulking about his capture.
“This was your idea, Law! Not mine~!” You called at him from in the middle of a silly game with the Straw Hats. “You should loosen up for once! Maybe this ought to do you some good. Even I saw how worked up your ass was working with Caesar. Good choice bringing me along. I can’t get a damn word in to get you to have fun!”
“Oi! Tra-guy! Get over here and come play!” Luffy yelled childishly from behind you. “Your partner ______ is so fun!” He added.
“I d
:iconsheeriridescence:SheerIridescence 362 53
I didn’t know what It was,
I only knew It was because
I tried to suppress It,
But only made It throw a fit
It was there inside my head,
Making me wish I was dead
I needed to let It out,
To scream and to shout
Pounding beneath my skin I could see,
I knew It needed to be free
I didn’t know what to do,
So I did what I knew
I raised my arm and opened up wide,
I bite down, gasped, than I cried
Liquid rubies fell with shame,
Falling into perpetual flame
It was flowing out of me,
This I could see
Icy waters flowed over,
Lifting a weight of my shoulder
I never liked this place,
With rubies smeared across my face
But It was leaving me,
I would finally be free
And as always It will return,
And Its existence will be reaffirmed
And as always I will return to the same dark place,
With rubies smeared across my face
:iconpb1and3joey:PB1and3Joey 1 2
Secrets and Lies
We all have secrets
We all have lies,
We try to hide them
To bury them deep inside,
But they break free
Always coming to the surface you’ll see,
Showing their ugly heads
Ruining our lives tearing them to shreds,
They stop at nothing
Like a fire, consuming everything,
In the end they never leave us
Always smoldering just beneath us,
You may forget them
But they never forget you,
And we never learn
We just make more,
And they too will consume our lives
Drowned in a sea of lies,
And as for the secrets
Do we really have any regrets?
We all have secrets
We all have lies.
:iconpb1and3joey:PB1and3Joey 1 3
Do (Roronoa Zoro x Reader)
He was someone who was out of reach for you.
Ever since you met the Straw Hat Pirates, you’ve been intrigued by him and his moss-green hair, a color you rarely ever came across. You marveled at how much sake he drank and at how skilled he was at sword-fighting. You knew you would never reach that level even if you tried your best. You learned so much about him in the little time you spent on the Thousand Sunny that it was as if you’d known him since you were young. And you liked that. You liked that you knew so much about him. It made your interest in him grow into something akin to love, something that you’ve never felt before, but something that you liked feeling.
One day, you asked him how he learned how to use three swords, and he froze. It was obviously a sensitive subject, so you backed away, softly whispering “Never mind,” into the wind.
“Kuina,” he suddenly said. “It was Kuina.”
And just like that, he told you of his past an
:icondeathmage02:DeathMage02 234 31
Union (Zoro x Reader)
It’s been years since then. You’d heard of their whereabouts; the War of the Best, their seven year-long hiatus, the defeat of the New Fishman Pirates, their venture into the New World, the alliance between the Law and the Straw Hat Pirates, Doflamingo’s loss in Dressrosa and other successes they’ve achieved during their journey. Now, the Straw Hats had finally reached their corresponding goals.
It’s been years, and you’d grown wiser as well. You learned, with the help of these rare forms of pirates who treasured camaraderie and friendship above all, that no man was indeed an island. You found your own crew, who were three of the strongest, most cherished people you’ve ever met. They were always there for you, supporting you, looking up to you.
They were always dreaming.
You never thought you’d see him again. He was that one person you’d call ‘The One Who Got Away’, the person you never spoke of to your crewmates. But yo
:icondeathmage02:DeathMage02 156 12
Zoro OT4 colored 1 by Quakey Zoro OT4 colored 1 :iconquakey:Quakey 472 23 Beyond The Sea by PetyaPlamenova Beyond The Sea :iconpetyaplamenova:PetyaPlamenova 482 348
Luffy X Reader: That Damn Song
Boring ship, boring islands, boring day period. Sanji was boring, Nami’s antics were boring, Luffy was even boring! Brook’s music just couldn’t strike you the right way at all, and all his beats were boring. Boring, boring, boring!
“Can someone pleeeeaaase just spot an interesting island?! I’m bored, I’m dead, I’m done.” You whined, slumping down in your chair until you slid off and onto the grass of the deck with a long and exasperated sigh of disappointment.
“_______, we’ve been pointing out islands… for 3, hours. THREE HOURS. None of them were appealing to you. Get up and go look for one yourself instead you lazy ass!” Nami shot at you, resuming her duties of reading her sea charts.
“Fine! I will!” You said stubbornly, getting up from the ground and stomping up to the figurehead of the Sunny to get a good view of the sea before you.
Of course, when you got up there, Luffy was already sitting up just
:iconsheeriridescence:SheerIridescence 184 35
Miles in the Morning by CelticWolfwalker Miles in the Morning :iconcelticwolfwalker:CelticWolfwalker 15 9 Dita Von Teese by VillainsLove Dita Von Teese :iconvillainslove:VillainsLove 72 18
Behold my eclectic tastes! Mostly yaoi fanart and other male sexiness. And then some other kewl random shit



125 deviations
Some days I feel like a rotten old car
Nothing fancy but I'll still take you far
My cushions are lumpy, but who cares how they feel
The only thing you like about me is my wheels

The new car smell is all but gone.
There's hardly springs for the frame to sit upon
The tires are worn, if you hit the gas they squeal
The only thing you like about me is my wheels

I'm speckled brown with rust, a custom paint job
The only thing that's missing is a gear shift knob
You could say I have a sentimental appeal
But the only thing you like about me is my wheels

When you get the money
You'll get wheels of your own honey
And pick up every floozy on the street
I'll be left to rust away
Coughing all the dust away
Torn by the requirements I don't meet

Some days I feel like a rotten old car
Nothing fancy but I'll still take you far
My cushions are lumpy, but who cares how they feel
The only thing you like about me is my wheels
My Wheels
Ive been feeling bluesy, so with Bessie Smith singing it in my head, i wrote this song about some guys i knew in high school
Here's the spooky and memorable part of Bioshock I wanted to share for Halloween, a sneak peek at the next chapter. Anyone who has played it remembers this moment :) 

Indistinct sounds came from the radio as the sub ascended into the building, followed by the voice of the worried young man.

    "O-okay, Just one more minute... The 'sphere- The 'sphere is coming up now..." 
    "Johnny, security's banging off all over... Get a move on!" Panic infiltrated the Irishman's confident voice. It's clear that something is wrong, but why would they be so worried about spiders? Ghostly green light filtered in from above, highlighting the grime, scratches and algae in the shaft the sub, or bathysphere, as the Irishman called it, was ascending through. Round lights glowed through the window, showing the surface of the water. My destination is moments away. I stood up carefully and waited for this aquatic elevator to open.
    As the bathysphere rose, I caught brief glimpses of what was outside the door in the faltering light. Water flowed over the window from the top, giving my perspective a seeping shimmer. A grand wall-length window was in the background, letting in the green light from the murky oceanic view of the city. A walkway with railings and an actual red carpet bridged the watery gap between the sub and a platform by the window. Everything else lies in stark shadows. A young man in a tarnished tan vest cowered on the red carpet that stretched out into the darkness. His hands were shaking, level with his chest, open and defenseless as he backed up toward me, step by terrified step. His fluctuating frenzied voice was just audible through the glass.
    "Please, lady... I didn't mean no trespass... Just don't hurt me!..."
    The sub shuddered to a stop while the boy pleaded for his life with a menacing silhouette, inching ever closer, carrying glowing red hooks that made heart shapes in the dark when they lined up the right way. A woman's humming penetrated the glass with ethereal vibrato and I recognized it as the melody of "If I Didn't Care". The light came on and illuminated a woman in filthy overalls, wielding what looked to me like hay baling hooks, dangling from her gorilla arms between her knees. She had Johnny cornered by the bathysphere, and all I could do was watch while her voice haunted the air. 
    "Just let me go... "
    The young man waved his hands in desperation as she advanced. I prayed this sub would never open up to the horror outside. She raised a deadly hook up over her head.
    "You can keep my gun... You can--"
    One of the woman's hooks cut Johnny short with a lightning-quick slash through his gut. A splash of blood darkened the carpet while he screamed in pain, clutching his injured stomach and coughing up blood. My knees knocked together and I could feel my heart pounding in my throat. His other arm was raised in a futile defense, but the woman was closing in, humming all the while. I gulped in abject dread. The woman shoved her hooks into his neck, lifting Johnny above her as he gurgled his last breath. She ripped her hooks downward, a gush of blood slapping the floor. Johnny's body stood in the dark for a moment before it tumbled into the water. The woman crouched eagle-spread, arms out in a dramatic flair. One could mistake the motion as a bow. I wanted to throw up.
    The monster of a woman leered into the blood-spattered window, a retching gasp leaving her mouth, stopping her humming. One of her green eyes was lost in a round blob of disfigured flesh, but her face had a haunting beauty about it. Her gaze paralyzed me; I knew exactly what she was capable of, but for now I was just an object of curiosity. She turned her head sideways in the dark, her feminine profile in front of the wall-length window clashing with the still dripping, glowing hooks. Then she opened her mouth and a grainy raspy voice spoke four frightful words.
    "Is it someone new??" The faltering light came back on and out of nowhere, she let out a piercing shriek of rage that reverberated around the chamber. Cat-like, she leaped into the air and onto the roof of the bathysphere with a light thud. It shook violently while horrible scraping sounds shredded my eardrums, every shrill sound echoing in the tiny metal ball. I was rocked back into the seat and onto the floor, just in time to avoid one of her hooks ripping out electrical conduits in the roof. A flurry of blue sparks showered the interior as she screamed like a banshee, carving up the only way I knew I could leave this city.
    The rocking stopped and she landed gracefully on the carpet where I first saw Johnny. She looked back, happy with her handiwork, then slinked off into the gloom. I desperately tried pulling the lever to no avail, watching the hooked menace leap up to the ceiling. I let out a sigh, unsure of anything. This "safe place" was terrifying, even more so than the crash I couldn't remember... Unless something so terrible happened that I had to block it out. Either way, I am so fucked. The radio spat static again, making me jump, and the Irishman I heard before came in loud and clear.
    "Would you kindly pick up that shortwave radio?


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Matty Fitzgerald
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United States
Peace and Love, Always.
Also BIOSHOCK. And slash fic...



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